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Cheap and Delicious Food on the Road: Meals in Macedonia

July 23, 2012

Favorite travel experiences: finding cheap and delicious food in unexpected places.

There we were, spending currencies void of English characters, enjoying the payoff after scrimping and saving at home to afford meals of whimsy in oddball settings on foreign soil. (Well, foreign asphalt on a side street in the concrete-jungle of Skopje, Macedonia.) Yes, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to savor Michelin Star meals on our travels, but sometimes we find the most satisfaction in feast from a hole in the wall kitchen with a menu of foreign letters and surprisingly wallet-friendly numbers.

Ted left a 1,000 bill to cover the tab…and received 500 in change. I’ll spare you the trip to to figure out the exchange rate between US dollars and the Macedonian denar.

The total cost for drinks and a filling lunch for two: $10.06. Including tip. Continue Reading…