Fueng Fah Riverside Garden Resort: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Fueng Fah Riverside Garden Resort: Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Fueng Fah Riverside Resort sits hidden among the agricultural fields of rural Thailand, fifteen minutes from the bright and buzzing city of Chiang Mai. Prakit Apisarnthanarax, Thai owner and developer of his rural family property, created a spot to showcase traditional Lanna architecture alongside contemporary Thai construction and garden grounds, and he proudly welcomes local and international guests to his accommodations along the Mae Ping River near the foot of the Doi Suthep Hills in Chiang Mai Province.

After departing Bangkok and taking the overnight train north to Chiang Mai, we arrived at the station and arranged for a taxi ride across the buzzing city and out the other side, following busy roads through city blocks and built-up outskirts until we arrived at last on the quiet road leading to Fueng Fah Riverside Garden Resort.

The warm reception from a smiling staff of local women made us feel like royalty, and the quiet garden grounds and retro bicycles beckoned exploration on foot and on two-wheels.

The rainy season brought water for the flowers and the remote setting on the banks of the Mae Ping River made for unhurried days and quiet nights.

Fueng Fah gladly made arrangements for private taxi transfers to downtown Chiang Mai and to the airport, and this particular taxi took riding in style to a whole new level, Killing Me Softly with karaoke all the way to town…

On a more fanciful note, a favorite of ours at Fueng Fah was their approach to cultivating and showcasing local foods in their restaurant. Their specialty is growing a particular white variety of dragonfruit imported from neighboring Vietnam, serving it generously in morning fruit salads and smoothies.

Eggplant and Thai basil growing in the kitchen garden

The best part of our stay? Cycling along country roads, spotting fields and farmers, grateful for nature’s breezy air conditioning and grateful to see the cultivation of tropical fruits.

Dragonfruit fields aplenty in the farmlands of Chiang Mai Province.

Our Favorite Memory: Bicycling along rural roads, catching glimpses of families working in their fields and farmers driving deliveries from the harvest. Sipping dragonfruit smoothies while the rainy season downpour drenched the gardens, providing water for the blooms and feeding the flow of the nearby Mae Ping River.


Wifi: Available; signal strength stronger in lobby and restaurant than in rooms.
Breakfast: Eggs, toast, jams, and classic western fare are available, but we recommend the traditional Thai breakfast dishes and copious amounts of fruit.
Our Favorite Amenities: Garden grounds, home-grown veggies, and the beautiful black-seeded-white-fleshed home grown dragonfruit.
Setting: Located on a rural road surrounded by agricultural fields and Thai families. Fifteen minute venture from the city of Chiang Mai.

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