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Family Time + Dessert Before Dinner

April 9, 2015

It’s pretty nifty for us that Portland’s best little organic frozen yogurt sweet spot is just blocks from Lucie’s daycare… On sunny days like today, Ted calls mid afternoon and says, “Meet you at 5:30 for ice cream!” 

Lucie and her dairy-free frozen yogurt at Eb & Bean

Typically, Ted leaves his office in the Lloyd District and heads for homework and night class up in North Portland, and I’m usually finishing up a day of drafting and preparing to trek back to outer NE with Lu for an evening of controlled chaos, dinner time, bathtime, and bed (and then a post-kiddo-bedtime attempt at squeezing in a few more to-do list tasks before Ted gets home at 10:30pm). All too often, we three feel like ships in the night during the week.

Just four months left of Ted’s two year grad program.

Four months: April. May. June. July.

Four months until family time won’t feel like such a novelty…


To make it to the finish line, we’re focusing on gratefulness for little things.
(And one very cute little person, in particular.)

Especially, we’re grateful when racing-in-different-directions and holding-on-for-dear-life occasionally takes a back seat to the best priorities: family time and dessert before dinner.

Eb & Bean
1425 NE Broadway Street
Portland, OR 97232

The founder of the shop, Elizabeth Nathan, traveled to Paris to study pastry arts and to learn from “the doyenne of French ice cream” (don’t worry, I had to look up the meaning of doyenne, too – and now it’s a new favorite word). A whimsical spirit of “l’amour de la crème glacée” permeates the little shop (like how I just Google translated a French phrase and dropped it in, all nonchalant?), and the giant polar bear mural and petite little kids’ tables keep the place from taking itself too seriously. It’s the best.

Really: seasonally changing flavors, organic probiotic-rich dairy (plus non-dairy! for the Little Peach who currently favors almond milk), and locally sourced ingredients — all proudly offered without artificial sweeteners, flavors, preservatives, corn syrup, or GMOs.

Makes my little sweet-tooth-heart happy.

*P.S. Nope. Not sponsored. Just loved.

So. Five months from now: August.

Seems like a good time to clear the schedule and plan more tasty dates with friends.
Who’s coming with?


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