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Happy Mail Days

April 6, 2016

This post is sponsored by UncommonGoods. All opinions and text are my own.

This spring, UncommonGoods sent me goodies to match my love of quirky fun at home and abroad.

Scratch Map

I love happy mail days.

Especially now, when I’m home on maternity leave with two tiny kiddos, I’m grateful that the world can be delivered to my doorstep. 

I love maps.

Charting plans. Dreaming of possibilities.

One of my very first Pinterest boards cobbled together half a decade ago is dedicated to maps. (As a side note, I think I owe discovery of my favorite tangerine peel world map to Jodi from Legal Nomads (who also has her own Maps of Food board…but I digress.) A while ago on Pinterest, the scratch-off world map came across my radar, and I loved it. Guess where you can buy it? That’s right. UncommonGoods.

I love a good surprise.

Like opening a thoughtful gift. Or keeping a secret just a little longer to wait for the payoff…

Last summer, we hadn’t announced little Marion’s expected arrival yet, and it was early enough that there was no telltale bump to hide…but I did have to secretly dump out a perfectly delicious Moscow Mule at my mom and dad’s house and disguise my copper cup with ginger ale.

Beating the heat at mom & dad's.

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This year, I’m anticipating sunny backyard days and real deal drinks in these babies.

Ted hasn’t spied them yet. Let’s see if he reads this post before I wrap them back up and present them as a just-because* gift.

(*Just because we’re two tired parents living in the city with a mortgage and babies doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate life and reminisce about far-off places.)

And speaking of backyard days, last summer’s project was my home studio for my landscape design business. Hopefully now that the building is done, we can spend more time on our own landscape and enjoy playing back yard games together. They’ve already been tossed around a time or two this past week as friends have come round for dinner and we’ve enjoyed Portland’s lovely summertime-weather-preview.

UncommonGoods has a mission to create a positive impact in the world by featuring artists’ and small scale manufacturers’ products, provide living wages for their employees, and directing a portion of sales back to non-profits (they’ve donated over $1,000,000 since starting the program 12 years ago).

They asked me to peek through their current gift collections and see what I might love.

Their scarf collection here includes a wearable world…

Around the World Geography Scarf

Their baby gift collection here includes this same sweet sock monkey blanket that my dear friend Brynn gave us when Lucie arrived. It’s been living on (aka getting squished on) the gliding rocker for the past two and a half years and still looks amazing.

Sock Monkey Blanket

And their Mother’s Day collection here include a necklace I’d wear in a heartbeat…

Latitude Longitude Pendant

If you’re new to UncommonGoods, explore a few of their gift collections listed above and let me know if you find something you love!

Stop in at my house sometime soon and you might find me sitting in the yard, popping ginormous bubble wrap, scratching a trail with pennies to chart my trips around the world while drinking Moscow Mules and watching the family play yard dice. Because that’s the kind of awesome that shows up on my doorstep.

This post is sponsored by UncommonGoods, a store we’ve admired for ages. Thanks for supporting brands that support this little corner of the internet here at twoOregonians!

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