“What’s a RTWdinnerparty,” you ask?

It’s a little invention we made up to host our online friends who share a love of world travel and stories and pictures…and, yes, food.

RTW = “round the word” // dinner party = a chance to mix and mingle and enjoy.

RTW Travelers’ {Digital} Dinner Party
Friends, foods, and table talk from travels around the world.

Meet and Mingle: [Your names, a mini bio or link to your bio page]

Dinner Specialty: [A paragraph about what you’re “bringing to dinner” — your favorite appetizer, side, main, drink, dessert, etc., that you enjoy at home or have discovered on the road. Pictures+]

Table Talk: [An update on recent travel-related escapades that you’d want to chat about if we were sitting together around a grand feast!]

A link back to http://www.twoOregonians.com/rtwdinnerparty

To join in the festivities, please tweet your RSVP to @twoOregonians along with your chosen food category (Main, Side, Drinks, Appetizers, Desserts, etc. – no need to reveal your actual dish until the post — just give us a heads up on the category.) On the Dinner Party date, publish your post and pay a visit to Meet & Mingle at the other party guests’ pages. Tweet us your link using the #RTWdinnerparty hashtag and we’ll share a link roundup.

“Do I need to be online on the day of the party? Is this a chat?”
Nope. Not a chat…we’re all too spread out and busy for another precise date and time on the calendar. Just be sure your posts is live on dinner-party-day! If you can tweet us the link using the #RTWdinnerparty hashtag, we’ll make sure to add you to the roundup.
Wait. So how do I participate?
Write a blog post. Publish. Connect with fellow travelers and writers. According to the format shown above, each person or couple introduces themselves, brings their “food” (a picture/description of something they’ve enjoyed at home or on the road), and writes about current travel-related happenings in their life. Really, the hope is to celebrate the best things about travel and give guests the chance to share candid thoughts and build friendships. We love entertaining in person, at home, and we’re enjoying the #RTWdinnerparty as the next-best-thing while we’re out on the road…
“Is this real food? Do I have to supply a recipe?”
They say, “The First Bite is With the Eyes!” No need for a recipe, but please do share a photo or two of a favorite dish that you’ve enjoyed somewhere in the world.
“What’s the Dress Code?”
Um…International Airport?

See you at the {digital} dinner table!
-Bethany & Ted


Wednesday, February 29th, 2012: RTW Travelers’ {Digital} Dinner Party
Leap-Day Edition!
February 2012 Guest List

@twoOregonians – (Salad) Summer Salads in Buenos Aires
@BeersAndBeans – (Appetizer) Bloomin’ Onion Bread
@InspirngTrvlrs- (Drinks) New Zealand, Chilean, and Belgian Beer
@RTWsomanyplaces – (Drinks) Oregon Microbrews!
@backpackforever – (Main Dish) Guatemalan Chicken with Jalapenos & Onions
@idelishtravel – (Meat) Genghis Khan Style Grilled Mutton
@NewYorktoNomad – (Dessert) OnoPops in Honolulu

The camaraderie and inspiration we’ve found through online friendships has been a treat during the months of preparing to set off on our journey and the time we’ve been on the road, and thought it would be fun to bend Social Media communications in a direction that satisfies our love of good food, good friends, and great adventures.

Following @GQtrippin’s 9/23/11 Couples Addition #FF (links one and two) we said it’d be fun to host a dinner party for the group, and then the ideas started rolling.

Since we adventurous souls all find ourselves spread around the continents and in-person events are rendered logistically impossible, we thought we’d offer an alternative: an online, Digital-Dinner-Party and opportunity to exchange hellos and stories from the far corners of the world.

Past Parties

Saturday, October 1st, 2011: RTW Travelers’ {Digital} Dinner Party
Traveling Couples Edition
October 2011 Guest List

@twoOregonians (Main Dish) Pacific Northwest Grilled Salmon
@GQtrippin (Vietnamese Feast) Roasted Suckling Pig, Peking Duck, BBQ Spare Ribs, and more!
@luggageinhand – (Dessert) Bougatsa: Greek Pastry
– (Side) Migas: Tex-Mex Specialty
@CaptainandClark – (Dessert) 호떡 (ho-dduk) and bungeobbang (붕어빵)
@twoyuppies – (Side + Beverages) Burgushi & Napa Valley Vodka

Interested in participating in the next link-up? Invitations are issued by @twoOregonians.
Tweet us at @twoOregonians, drop a line to twoOregonians@gmail.com, or keep in touch at @RTWdinnerparty.

Happy eating, happy travels!
-Bethany & Ted


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  5. Sorry we missed this- sounds like a great concept! Mary and I are really hoping to get to know more of our fellow travel bloggers this year, so please keep us in mind for the next #RTWdinnerparty. We’d love to participate…

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