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Snow Days with Little Ones


About That Storm

January 25, 2017

Portland / OR / United States - 1/17/17

I started this post a week ago, then paused.

After several months riding waves of illness and holiday mayhem and community heartache and winter weather (cough*cough*ice storms that delayed my flight to Kansas*cough), we sent 2016 out with a half-hearted bang…and then January 2017 blew into town with teeth searing cold, dumping a feathery white straitjacket on the city of Portland.

As I’m publishing tonight, storm scenes seem melted from memory (making me glad for photos and snippets like the ones below — if only for the reminder that tempests pass). I’m still unwinding, though. Cabin fever and its jarring focus on the here and now brought lessons I’m still stewing on, and I’ve not made peace with words to dig at the heart of the matter. So, it’s mostly photos. Enjoy? (Or at least help me spot all the beautiful silver linings?)

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