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About That Storm

January 25, 2017

Portland / OR / United States - 1/17/17

I started this post a week ago, then paused.

After several months riding waves of illness and holiday mayhem and community heartache and winter weather (cough*cough*ice storms that delayed my flight to Kansas*cough), we sent 2016 out with a half-hearted bang…and then January 2017 blew into town with teeth searing cold, dumping a feathery white straitjacket on the city of Portland.

As I’m publishing tonight, storm scenes seem melted from memory (making me glad for photos and snippets like the ones below — if only for the reminder that tempests pass). I’m still unwinding, though. Cabin fever and its jarring focus on the here and now brought lessons I’m still stewing on, and I’ve not made peace with words to dig at the heart of the matter. So, it’s mostly photos. Enjoy? (Or at least help me spot all the beautiful silver linings?)

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Autumn Breadcrumbs: Or, Fear and Love

November 20, 2016

Portland / OR / United States - 11/13/16

Back in my first days of blogging as a twenty year old living in New Zealand, I used to read She’s a Flight Risk. (“On March 2, 2003 at 4:12 pm, I disappeared. My name is isabella v., but it’s not. I’m twentysomething and I am an international fugitive.”)

Indulging in stories of intrigue and covert happenings seemed a harmless pastime.

Now, I’m a thirty something mother of two, with the real world right outside my front door…and as stories of fascists, despots, and despair flicker on my phone screen, I can’t look away. Continue Reading…

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Some Sports are Bigger than Sports

November 2, 2016

“Some sports are bigger than sports.” And that was true tonight. My Grandpa, a lifelong Cubs fan from Wisconsin, is on hospice at home. Since about game three of this World Series he has been too sick to watch, but my mom has been giving home the play by play at his bedside. I love you Grandpa. This was for you.

CUBS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Apple Season

October 30, 2016

“Love is a fruit in season at all times and within the reach of every hand. Anyone may gather it and no limit is set. Everyone can reach this love through meditation, prayer, sacrifice and an intense inner life.”
– Mother Teresa

Apple season’s just fading to memory again as the deeper darker rhythms of Oregon autumn carry us toward November. Can it really be that time of year to swap fresh fruits for root veggies? To grab a jar of preserves instead of a fistful of berries?

Here in our home, we’ve been living on applesauce and apple butter. (That is, when we’re not chugging lemon ginger tea and garlic and honey, trying to fight off tenacious chest colds.)

Marion, eight months old, scarfs down bowl after bowl, banging her spoon joyously on the high chair tray, grinning wide with fruit smeared into her eyelashes. Continue Reading…

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Half a Year with our little Hazelnut

September 2, 2016

Little Marion’s been out here breathing air for half a year. I wrote a post when Lucie turned six months old, and so many of the same things could be said this time around…but it’s also an entirely different experience.

Mom of two.


A jump of a different sort into a new world. Not like the original: going from half of a footloose married duo to partnered first time parent. This time, the family rhythm thing was already ticking along in the background of our life story, but the change felt a bit like adding a second jump rope to the routine.


On your toes.


Watch out.

Here it comes again, sooner than you think. Continue Reading…

Musings, Tidbits About Us

Ten Years Ago

July 1, 2016

Ten years.

Time flies.

Twenty-two and twenty-four, we said absolutely yes. Come hell or high water.

Now thirty-somethings with two lovely little girls, ticket stubs from a trip around the world, friends on every continent, and more than enough memories to fuel our dreams, we celebrated and toasted and flipped through the photos. Continue Reading…

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And Then There Were Two

May 19, 2016


Lucie bumped, cuddled, elbowed, and queried my rounding belly for the better part of last summer, fall, and winter. She grew herself through tiny tot stages, adjusting and growing and trying to understand. We started reading I’m a Big Sister* shortly after her second birthday in September, watched “circle tub” water birth videos in the new year, and practicing giving her own little baby a bath during the weeks before my due date.

I credit her with so much.

Trying at two to comprehend the foreign notion of big sister and what such a life change entails.

Since I’d never had a baby sister of my own, I wished so much to watch the two of them meet and see her heart expand.

How special for Ted and me to welcome little Marion on a Friday afternoon and then have my parents bring Lucie to the birth center just a few hours later to meet her little sister for the very first time. There’s never any telling how something like that might go, but I had my hopes…and a camera lined up just in case…
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Mama Said: Wit + Wisdom

May 8, 2016

Last spring, my friend Tiffiney from Wild Child Travels wrote to me asking if I’d contribute to a collection of short stories about motherhood. Something distinctly *not* “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” Something candid and truthful and maybe raw with a little humor for perspective.

Of course I said yes, and then agonized over what to write.

My piece, “Spill It” (ironically submitted just a few weeks after Mother’s Day, while I was pregnant with Marion but didn’t yet know), delves into my personal story of breastfeeding difficulties with Lucie. Not something I’d probably splash across my blog…but a story to share with the right kind of audience. I’m honored to be included alongside all sorts of moms from all walks of life.

A year later, here I am with not one but *two* little girls, and the Mama Said: Wit + Wisdom for Mothers anthology is hot off the press and available for just under ten bucks.

~ Happy Mother’s Day ~Mama Said: Wit + Wisdom

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P.S. Sweet little hours-old Lucie is pictured on the front cover, and more pictures of us are peppered through the pages of Mama Said. This reminds me (well, not that I forgot, just that I haven’t had time yet), that I hope soon to get my act together and publish the new posts of hours-old and days-old Marion photos by the talented Erin Tole.

Hang tight…they’re in the queue. [Update: they’re here!]




Wine + Chocolate + Jewelry from Around the World

April 6, 2016

Hi friends,

If you’re local to Portland, come over to my house next Thursday the 14th! I’ll uncork the wine and bust out the chocolate around 7pm and we’ll get to sample jewelry from around the world.

I’ve never, ever, ever been one for house parties. (For real. I mostly avoid them.) But when my sister in law Gabby started repping the Noonday Jewelry project and shared the stories behind the pieces, I was genuinely jazzed. What’s not to love about exploring designs from artisans based in Afghanistan, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Kenya, Nepal, Peru, Rwanda, Uganda, and Vietnam and knowing that their work and the proceeds from sales contribute to transformed lives and stories of hope?

Noonday Intro

Jewelry is my favorite way to disguise the fact that I’m actually wearing the same clothes all the time.

The key is to accessorize with something eye catching, hey?

Whether living out of a backpack for 12 months straight or pregnant and in maternity clothes for half a year give or take or (now) postpartum, nursing, and literally putting on the identical outfit five days in a row (don’t ask), I’ve relied countless times on a decent set of earrings or bracelet or necklace to be my own little trompe l’oeil, so to speak, changing basic into something special. (Or maybe nobody’s actually fooled, but at least I feel good wearing them.)

The other piece for me is to carry some sort of connection to what I wear.

A person. A place. A memory. A cause. Continue Reading…