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Weekend Update: In Midair Above the African Continent

July 1, 2012

A short note this weekend. Our Mediterranean days have come to a close.

This post goes live while we’re (hopefully) flying peacefully through the air on a long trail stretching between Cairo, Egypt and Johannesburg, South Africa. We’ll have started the trip on a June Saturday night in Beirut, Lebanon and we’ll finish the final transfer to emerge in Cape Town, S.A. on Sunday the 1st of July: our sixth anniversary.

The last time we crossed this much distance, we did it the deluxe way: sixteen days on a couple-thousand mile journey across the Atlantic. This time, without bursting too far through time zones, we’re entering the Southern Hemisphere for the second time this year, and jumping from summer to winter in a matter of hours in one of those modern-marvel tubes of steel.

Disequilibrium. Calculated and risky. This stretch of time continues to push buttons, pull toward dis-comfort zones, and unearth hidden lessons that have been waiting to be learned in due season.

Wish us safety and companionship, soft hearts and open ears and eyes as we begin our next six years of marriage and our next six months of travel.


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