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Little Traveler: Across the River and Back Again

June 14, 2016

You have to start those grand adventures with little baby steps, right?

With both girls, we traveled across state lines from Oregon into Washington during their first week or so out in the world. Our newborn photographer Erin Tole shoots just outside Portland, across the Columbia River, and she’s well worth the foray into that mysterious land of Vancouver… (WA, not B.C.)

These newborn photos are for posterity, and also (let’s be real) for my personal enjoyment, and since I’m feeling particularly sappy today, I’m finally posting them here to share with you. Continue Reading…

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Three Stories Up: A Lookout Tower Weekend in Central Oregon

April 5, 2014

A short time after Lucie was born last September, Ted called me from work and said, “Here are the dates for a four day weekend in February, I want you to have fun finding somewhere to go, just the three of us.”

Let me tell you, if there’s anything a house-bound postpartum traveler wants to hear, it’s “Cheer up, love! Let’s book our next adventure. Put a bit of fun on the horizon.”

– Photo collection & travel notes from our first vacation as a family of three –


It felt so good signing in to one of my favorite day-dream corners of the internet (Airbnb), and getting the trip-planning gears turning again. Continue Reading…

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In the Rear View Mirror: Favorite Trips of 2013

December 31, 2013

It’s an odd New Year’s Eve. I’d planned to post this collection of memories from our 2013 travels, but I woke up to two glitches: first, my web host’s servers were down and I couldn’t access my site, and second, the black and silver analog clock that hangs in the middle of my house was stuck all day at 6:45am.

It’s funny how time passes and how we choose to keep track.

Continue Reading…

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Memories of Hua Hin

November 12, 2013

So, Hua Hin.

The vacation city overlooking the Gulf of Thailand was our final stop in Southeast Asia. A spot where we dropped our bags, dropped our go-go-go, and took time to indulge in slow days, fast motorbikes, fresh fish, old gardens, hot coffees, and torch-lit dinners along the sandy shore.

Prior to arrival, we’d explored Wats in Bangkok, taken the overnight train to Chiang Mai, relaxed among the dragonfruits growing in the northern Thai countryside, dabbled in the kitchen, crossed into Laos and floated two days down the Mekong River, bused into Cambodia in time to join nationwide mourning for the death of a king, and eventually ended up full circle back in Bangkok, prepared for one final Asian adventure before departure to New Zealand. Continue Reading…

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Happy 154th Birthday, Oregon!

February 14, 2013

*Ending Radio Silence*

Hot on the heels of a year of globetrotting, this past month of life in Oregon shaped up to be one of near-complete digital retreat. Aside from Instagram snapshots, our online travel stories died down and we ditched most writing and photography in favor of spending time on in-person reunions with family and friends and our dear home state…and today, a resurfacing to say hello and show you what we’ve been up to! Continue Reading…

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Discovering Laos: On the River, Through the Streets, In the Moment

December 12, 2012

We entered Laos by water, crossing the Mekong River at Chiang Khong in Thailand and coming to the banks of Huay Xai, Laos for passport stamps and paper shuffling. Eyes open, minds curious, we toted our bags aboard a long boat and began our eight days in the country with a two-day drift down the Mekong toward the ancient city of Luang Prabang.

Time unfolded slowly, as it has along these banks for eons past…

Humbling to think these quiet forests and isolated village have watched the water flow for centuries. Continue Reading…

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Cooking Octopus Curry with A Woman Named Peace

November 10, 2012

Coconut palms, mango trees, citrus fruits, rice and spice and fish. Turmeric, vanilla beans, hot chilies, black pepper, and cinnamon curls…

Zanzibar cuisine.

When we arrived on the island, a spice tour and a cooking lesson were my two highest hopes. Rather than find a touristy cooking lesson in Stone Town, I waited to look for a teacher until we left the city and settled into our spot an hour east, on the beach near the little town of Bwejuu. I’d read about a project in a neighboring village where local women taught cooking lessons as part of a grass-roots community development project, but as it turned out, I didn’t even have to look that far to find exactly what, or rather who, I was hoping for.

Removed by sea and time from the hazy city of Dar es Salaam (a gritty place on mainland Tanzania, ironically bearing the Swahili name Haven of Peace), a woman named Peace sits inside a woven-palm-walled hut on the white sands, selling her wares, saving her earnings, and offering kindness to strangers like me. Continue Reading…

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Sandy Beaches Sell Postcards and Plane Tickets

November 6, 2012

We haggle over an hour long bus ride, will it be five thousand shillings or three?

We dicker, we hand over crinkled bills, we ride.

On a daladala, normal shifts.

Boxes and bags and bodies cram together in a metal shell unfit for road use by any and all US standards. Smells of sweat and burning oil mingle. Window glass balanced in rubber seals rattles as we ride, framing views of an island changing shape before our eyes.

“Computer training center” one sign says, before we pass another mud brick house with leaky thatch roof.

Bikes and cattle share the pavement. Coconut palms and banana trees lean away from us and toward the afternoon sun.

Between shores, the heart of the island beats.

Generations long since used to alien visitors seeking spice and spice of life watch another load of tourist overtake a load of produce. Dollars and cents.

Crossing from one coast to another, I wonder.

Who pays for paradise?

Whose normal is this, anyway? Continue Reading…