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Ten Years Ago

July 1, 2016

Ten years.

Time flies.

Twenty-two and twenty-four, we said absolutely yes. Come hell or high water.

Now thirty-somethings with two lovely little girls, ticket stubs from a trip around the world, friends on every continent, and more than enough memories to fuel our dreams, we celebrated and toasted and flipped through the photos.

So much gratefulness for that hot July day.

My South African pastor from New Zealand flew to Oregon to officiate; grade school, high school, and college friends stood beside us; family and friends from across Oregon and across the country surrounded us with their love and support. We were the happiest kids alive.

Thanks to Laura Leslie for the photos.



circular seating wedding aerial photo

To life.

To love.

To the universal joy of sharing trips around the sun with a beloved soul.

To another three years…and another seven after that…



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