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Cargoes: Poem for a Wednesday

March 11, 2015

Lately, I’ve been dreaming of far off places again. Ted know this. As my head hits the pillow, I mumble fanciful wishes for plane tickets and foreign sublets and new horizons, unfamiliar sights and smells and tastes…

The siren’s song is everywhere.

I load little Lucie into her car seat, and we set out on the daily circuit around the city.

We have a new CD of poetry read aloud by Julie Andrews; her melodic voice fills the air as we drive (a pleasant jump from jazz radio) and briefly, ever so briefly, the poem Cargoes sweeps me away: Continue Reading…

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Welcome to the World, Little Peach!

September 28, 2013

Nine months after our adventures around the globe, on the morning of September 17th, 2013, we welcomed little Lucie Anne Rydmark into our world. Our little Peach came the day before her due date – or, right on time, if you calculate by New Zealand clocks…

I can remember one year ago, strolling the beaches at sunrise, watching women gather seaweed on the shores of Zanzibar. Meeting Salama (leading to one of my favorite memories of the entire trip – learning to make octopus curry from scratch). My, how the sands of time change the landscape of life… Continue Reading…